We are a world-wide group of researchers tracing our family roots from Jewish Brisk, now the city of Brest, Belarus, and the surrounding region. Our members live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Israel, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and Russia.

Our goal is to share information and resources through this web site, e-mails, forums, newsgroups, visits to Brest, and face-to-face conversations. Inhabitants of the shtetlekh in this area shared many common experiences of schooling, commerce, and marriages. We know that travel among these towns was common for at least a portion of the inhabitants, and that there were strong social connections in some groups of towns. We hope that by studying multiple shtetlekh in the region, we will learn more about specific towns and families.

This site is dedicated to our ancestors, who continued to struggle despite the tragedies of anti-Semitism, economic hardship and many unexpected and uncontrollable political events. We are preserving their memories by remembering the times in which they lived. Many of us would not be alive today had not one of our ancestors emigrated from Brisk.

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