Motykaly Locator Map
Motykaly is located northwest of Brest, as indicated by the white-on-blue Magen David.

A small portion of a 1:100k scale 1930's Polish military map, courtesy of

About 500 Jews were killed by the Nazis at Motykaly (Polish: Motykały, Russian: Мотыкалы).

The location is a group of small villages spread over an area about 3km x 3km (1.8mi x 1.8mi) about 12.5km (7.7mi) along the rail line northwest of the central Brest station.

Currently available information is no more specific than at Motykaly.

The recently-erected regional monument at Chernavchitsy, not far to the east, may be intended to memorialize these victims, among others.

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