The Brest-Belarus Group obtained taxpayer data on 2,837 Jewish citizens of Brest on Bug, Poland for the year of 1937. The data was in Polish. We have provided both the Polish and the Latin transliteration of the family and given names; also, occupations, address, and tax amount.

Please keep in mind that the English transliterations from Polish are best-guesses; your ancestors might have spelled their surname differently. Consult the Avotaynu Consolidated Jewish Surname Index to locate some known variations of particular surnames.

This data was collected and converted to electronic form by I. Laurouskaja. The source was Fond 370, Opus 1, Delo 17 in the State Archive of Brest .

To access the data, click on the first letter of the family name according to one of the following sorting orders. A new page will open.


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