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Zhabinka is about 25 km (16 mi) north-east of Brest
Map: Based on inter-war Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny 300K scale maps,
courtesy of mapywig.org

A small portion of a 1:100k scale 1930's Polish military map,
courtesy of mapywig.org

About Zhabinka

Zhabinka, Belarus is located at Latitude 52.12.02N and Longitude 24.01.24E. It is at an altitude of 140m (459 feet) above sea level. According to this website, the approximate population for a 7 kilometer area from this point is 3,630 people. The town is located where the Zhabinka River flows into the Mukhavets River.

Some photos of Zhabinka:

Sign seen entering Zhabinka
Photo Credit: Alyssa Gillespie
Monument, July 2001
Photo Credit: Alyssa Gillespie

According to this website, many old villages do not appear on modern maps of the area of Zhabinka. Some villages merged to larger villages or towns, others were destroyed during wars. These villages were merged into Zhabinka: Abramovichi, Myshitsy, Nespokoychitsy.

Zhabinka Crest

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