Antopol, Belarus:
A church, circa 1916
Photo Credit: Juri Kuvanov

Kamenets, Belarus:
The White Tower, circa 1899

Kobryn, Belarus:
Pinsk Street, circa 1915
Photo Credit: Tomek Wisniewski Collection

Shershevo, Belarus:
Ruins of the Great Shershev Shul
Wysokie-Litovsk, Belarus:
Patocki Palace
Photo Credit: Tomek Wisniewski Collection

This section contains pages devoted to the shetlekh of the Brest Region. This list is by no means complete. As noted in our Brest Region Geography page, some of the towns are in outlying areas. It has been --and will probably continue to be-- difficult to find data on these.

The photos above are a sampling of those available on the pages in this section.

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