Family Research
Looking for your ancestors? At present, unfortunately, the Brest-Belarus Group has no data or research resources beyond what you see on this website. Submit a brief query to us so we can record your interest for a future time when research resources become available.

Mailing List
Want to join our private e-mail list about Jewish Brest? Contact the Brest-Belarus Yahoo Group Owner. In your message, please specify "I want to join your email list" and let us know a little bit about your interest in the Brest Region.

Once you are on the list, you can reach over 200 other registered members with your questions and observations about your Brest-area heritage.You can also reference the message archives of the list going back to to mid-2004, as well as a list of researchers and other files.

Website Issues
Have suggestions, corrections, or contributions of new material for this website? Contact the webmaster.

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