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New Discovery
During the construction of a nw trade center construction workers discovered matzevot from the former Jewish cemetery nearby. The discoveries, at depths of 0.5 - 1 m (1.5 - 3ft), were on the site of the former Warburg Colony of Brest, built in 1925.

Excavated Matsevot (1)

The workers informed the Chairwomen of the Jewish Community, Regina Symonenko, about their discovery. When she arrived at the construction site they continued digging. Many more matzevot appeared from under the ground. It was an awful sight.

Excavated Matsevot (2)

Previously discovered matzevot have been stored in the Brest Fortress, on the opposite side of the city. A first group of the newly-discovered matzevot has been transported there.

Matsevot stored in Brest Fortress

Matsevot stored in Brest Fortress, detail (1)

Matsevot stored in Brest Fortress, detail (2)

The construction site manager estimates at least 5 truck loads will be needed to transport them all. The initial work was funded by the of Fenchley synagogue, London (US$500), the Brest Holocaust Center (US$300), and the community of Progressive Judaism Nefesh in Brest (US$100). There are no further resources –money and staff– to continue this job.

Regina Symonenko seeks opportunities to solve this problem.

A circular stone

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