The Grodno Archive contains some records for the Brest region, as some areas between Brest and Grodno historically fell into the administrative area of one or the other. Consult the Grodno Archive web page for up-to-date contact and location information about the archive, and the Description of holdings page for more details.

Brest Region Jewish Community Research in the Grodno Archives
The following relevant records are thought to exist in Grodno:

--Revision (census) lists for 1804
--Revision (census) lists for 1834
--Revision (census) lists for 1850
-- Revision (census) lists for 1874 - Fond 232 contains 6000 pages
--Revision (census) lists for 1897 - Fond 100.

It is said that this 1897 All Russia census was the first comprehensive census made in Russia, it was made in the middle of winter so that everyone would be at home.

A Grodno Archive index for Brest uezd may be viewed here.

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The GenerationsWeb article Documentary Resources For The Study Of Towns In Grodno Guberniya offers an overview of the archive contents.

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