Laura L. Smith, New York, NY USA

Dedicated in loving memory of my great grandfather, whom I never had the opportunity to know
Isidor Fisch, later Isidor Fish
born: Brest-Litovsk, Russia - 1866(?)
married to Lena Wolf - New York, NY USA - 1889, December 24
died: Worcester, MA USA - 1946, January 13
He was a part of the American immigrant's dream. Isidor emigrated from Brest-Litovsk to Paris to become a ladies' tailor and in 1889 immigrated to New York City. He lived on Manhattan's Lower East Side, where he met his bride. Isidor was listed in the NYC Directory of 1890 as a tailor at 112 Christie Street. Isidor and Lena moved to Worcester, MA.

Sometime before the birth of my grandmother, Sylvia, in 1893. Isidor dropped the c from his name by the time he became a naturalized US citizen in 1895. He was first a ladies tailor in Worcester and then opened a large store called Fish's Mill End Store, which sold yard goods.

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