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Dedicated to my landsman
Baruch Chaim (Ben) Morawiec
born: Parczew, Poland - 1920
married: to Rita Hauer
died: Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2009
Ben's family moved to Kobryn in 1933.

The day before the Kobryn Ghetto was liquidated, Ben was sent on a work party to Zhitomer, Ukraine. He and several friends escaped and made their way on foot back to Kobryn, only to find no one left alive. His mother and two brothers had been murdered by the Germans; later he found that his father was still alive.

Ben is pictured here in February, 2008, giving a tour a Holocaust monument near his home in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.
From the Webmaster: I met Ben in 2008. I had explained that I wanted to know about life in Kobryn before the war. He invited me into his home and freely shared his memories. Ben described the pre-war town with no drama; it was an ordinary place where good people lived ordinary --and usually pleasant-- lives. When he talked about the Holocaust he expressed sadness without animosity. For these lessons in humanity and forgiveness, and for my brief friendship with Ben, I will always be grateful. --Henry
Alan Morawiec is Ben's son. Alan is a middle-school teacher in Colorado who uses a unique metaphor to teach youth about the Holocaust, as documented on his project's website. Alan's page about his father is here.

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