Sandra D. Berg, Cincinnati, OH USA

Dedicated to the memory of my great grandmother
Elka Wander nee Zilberberg, later Ann Wander
born: Brest-Litovsk, Russia - 1847
married: to Rabbi Yoel Wander - Brest-Litovsk, Russia - Date Unknown
died: Cincinnati, Ohio USA - 1940, September 26
The daughter of Shrul Lazar and Chaia Zilberberg and sister of Schmul Izrok Zilberberg and Sarah Unterman. Elka had ten known children, nine boys and one daughter. Soon after 1900 the family began immigrating to the United States. By 1908, Ann and five of her sons - Hyman, Louis, Sam, Max, Nathan and Abraham - and her daughter, Lena, as well as her brother's three daughters - Maulka, Rose and Fanny - and her sister's children -Vavel (William), Necka and Rose - had all settled in Newport and Covington, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

To the three dozen or more Zilberberg-Wander-Unterman first cousins who lived within a few miles of her, Ann was known only as Bobe. Upon her death, her wedding ring was given to her daughter and will someday be given to her great-great granddaughter, Rachel.

Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother
Lena Fox nee Wander
born: Brest-Litovsk, Russia - 1891(?)
married: to Albert Fox - Covington, KY USA - circa 1909
died: Cincinnati, Ohio USA - 1942, April 21
There is a family story that Lena did not want to speak English with an accent, so for the first two years she was in the USA she did not speak. When she did, she spoke English without an accent. While still in her teens, she married Albert Fox (who immigrated from Odessa, Russia) twenty years her senior, and had three children - Julius, Irene and Ethel, my mother. To supplement the family income, Lena started a confectionery store in her home. The family lived in the back rooms while the front room was the store.

In 1927, Lena opened a women's dress shop, Fox Specialty Shop, in Newport, KY. She was required to have her husband sign contracts for her. Since they had separated that was most inconvenient. Therefore, they became legally divorced.

By 1936 Lena had opened a second Fox Specialty Shop in Lawrenceburg, IN. As a single mother with three children and a business woman, Sunday became a special day when Lena would cook dinner for her family. Although they were divorced, Albert, whom she called Fox, was always seated at the table along with other family members and people Lena had invited throughout the week.

Members of the Zilberberg-Wander-Unterman Family were never happier than when they were all together. So it is most fitting that Ann, her five sons, their spouses and several children and their spouses, as well as her daughter, Lena, and Albert, their three children and their spouses, are all buried near one another on a little hillside in the Agudas Israel Cemetery in Cincinnati.

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