Berestye Archeological Complex
The Archeological Museum, opened in 1982. It exhibits what the Belarusian archeologists unearthed in the ancient settlement of Berestye, including buildings of 11th and 12th centuries. The exhibit also includes 14th century barns, craftmans' shops, and remnants of wooden houses. The collections includes many everyday items that have been recovering, including objects made of iron, leather, and fabrics.The museum is not at all big, but extremely interesting.

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Krepost - 224018 Brest, Belarus.

Telephone: (162)205554
Brest Rescued Values Museum The Rescued Arts Treasures Museum contains more than 300 pieces of old Russian icons from the 16th through the 20th century. These are supplemented by paintings, religious-ceremonial items, pieces of china-ware, and furniture. The exhibit also includes objects of jade, silver, copper and porcelain, handmade or manufactured in western Europe, Russia, China and Japan. The majority of the items exhibited have been confiscated from smugglers by Brest customs officials. Opened in 1989, is the only museum of the kind in the entire former USSR.

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Lenina, 39 - 224000 Brest, Belarus.

Telephone: (162)204195.
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The Museum of Jewish History

Brest Regional Museum The Brest Regional Museum has many displays of the geography, economy, and history of the Brest region, including the local lore. This museum was opened on June 22, 1957 in what was the old Catholic Cathedral. It moved in the 1990's to its present location.

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K. Marksa, 60 - 224646 Brest, Belarus.

Telephone: (162)239116
Brest City History Museum The City History Museum presents the history of the city. The museum displays maps of Brest dating back to the 17th century. One of the oldest maps is a replica from the Prussian State Library (Preussische Staatsbibliothek) in Berlin. A large painting by Fetisova, a local artist, depicts 17th century Brest. Prominent Brest citizens, including Rabbi Zalman and others, are visible in the painting. This museum was opened in 1998.

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Levanevskogo, 3 - 224003 Brest, Belarus.

Telephone: (162)231765.
The Museum of Brest Fortress Defense presents a detailed history of the heroic defenses of the Brest Fortress in September 1939, and in June and July 1941. This museum was opened on November 8, 1956.

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Krepost, 9 - 224018, Brest, Belarus.

Telephone: (162)200365.
Brest Railway Museum The Railway Museum. Located on the approach to Brest Fortress. Prospekt Masherova, 2 - 224000, Brest, Belarus. Telephone: (162)274764.
To Be Supplied The Arts Museum is located in the rebuilt Brest fortress barracks in the Citadel. This museum is quite new. It features paintings and sculpture of Brest artists. The collection includes large model of 17-century Brest in winter by local artist Fetisova. Krepost - 224018, Brest, Belarus. Telephone: (162)200826.

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