The Railroad Station, circa 1888.
Visit of the Imperial Highnesses

Brest Brest Brest
Street scene, date unknown. Die 8 Strasse, date unknown. Possibly the old Women's Gym. Date unknown.
Brest Brest Train Station Brest
Duma area, circa 1915. The Railroad Station. , circa 1915.
Photo Credit: Boris Feldblyum
Railroad Station, circa 1915.
Brest Brest Brest
The male nurses of the Military Hospital, circa 1915. Duma Area
Photo Credit: Jose Serlin,
The new boulevards,
circa 1915.
Brest Picture of the Market Place, circa 1900. Brest
Unknown street scene, circa 1919. Marketplace, circa 1900. Shoseynaya Street, circa 1915.
Later: Jagiellonska Street
Now: Masherova Avenue
Brest Destroyed Picture of a street in the Jewish quarters, circa 1913. Brest Central
Buildings destroyed by German bombs and artillery in the beginning of the Nazi occupation, circa 1941.
Photo Credit: Boris Feldblyum
Shoseynaya Street, now Masherova Ave., circa 1913.
Near old Victoria Hotel; opposite today's Intourist Hotel.
View of central street ruined during World War I, circa 1915.
Photo Credit: Boris Feldblyum
  Studio portrait of an unidentified Jewish man by G. Linder’s Studio of Warsaw and Brest, circa 1900
Photo Credit: Boris Feldblyum

Note: The Marketplace was on Millionnaya (Million) Street, the northern half - Politseyskaya (Police) Street later (Polish) Dabrowska St the center of the Jewish shops in Brest.

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