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A Work-In-Progress. Additional translations and interpretations to be added.

Preliminary Impressions from the Russian by Lev Libov:

The writing style is of the end of the 19th century or beginning of the 20th. In other words: an old book. There is great attention to the Jews. It is not clear if the book was specifically a history of Jewish Brest, or if this was a general history of Brest which emphasized the Jews naturally, as they were the majority group.

Preliminary translations from the Russian by Lev and Rina Libov.

Rough Translations: Google Translator

Transcription, translation, and advice: Yefim Basin

English Translations and advice: Oleg Medvedevsky

Scholarship: Hannah Kadmon.

Detailed Translation: Liudmila Galitskaya.

Translator's comment: The Russian text is full of errors. It seems to me that the author was not a native speaker of Russian. Also: this is old Russian.

Worldcat citation.
Google Books page.

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