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The photos in this Family album were contributed by Dina Jaeger, great-granddaughter of R’ Baruch Meir Rozenblum, born 1857 in Brisk.

Baruch Meir and Feiga Rozenblum

Baruch Meir was son of R’ Shalom Menashe, head of “the Green” beit midrash in Brisk, and Libe-Sarah. He married Feiga née Eizenberg, daughter of Wolf-Bar and Sura Feferman from Miezritch.

The above photo was taken
in Meizritch (Yiddish) / Miedzyrzec (Polish)

Baruch and Feiga had 11 children. Five of them died in infancy. Six married and raised a family:

Lea-Michla b: 1876 – married Shimon Lebenglik.

Pesha b: 1879 –  married Simcha Helershtein.

Hannah b: 1888 – married Leibl Holtzman.

Berl (Dov-Yosef) b: 1892 – married Belsha, née Zonshtein.

Moshe Aharon b: 1898 – married Sara, née Olsha.

Henya b: 1900 – married Alter Altshuler.

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