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Pinkas of Gmilut Khassadim of the Beit-Midrash Kobryner
The Society of Gmilut Khassadim of the Brisk Beit-Midrash Kobryner was founded in 1905. Its primary activity: providing small loans to those in need of assistance.

This document contains the governing rules of the Society in 1909, or perhaps 1912.

We can observe in this document:

• Biblical passages are cited (in the Foreword, and in the Introduction) as the basis for the work of the Society. The unknown author of the Introduction adds his own words of exhortation to help the needy. Further encouragement is offered in rhyming verse.

•  The first four Takanot governing loans are clear, practical, and incorporate the Jewish tradition of preserving the dignity of recipients.

• A fifth Takana gives some details: How society members worship and pray together, support for Yahrzeit [observances on the anniversary of a death], membership eligibility and privileges; and maintenance of the Society as a distinct entity and independence from other similar organization.

•  The Closing statement appears to be a recent update of the Takanot, reflecting the success of the Society, allowing for larger loans, which require additional supervision. It is signed by 18 individuals.

• An appended Name List acknowledges donors, members, deceased relatives of members, and women donors.

Source: The National Library of Israel, in Jerusalem. View original document here.

Translation and Research: Hannah Kadmon

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Notes: Gmilut Khassadim: literally: bestowing kindness. See, for example, here. The data in this document is presented in a slightly different form, here.

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