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This is a collection of items found in old newspapers and similiar sources. A brief subject index:

Halevanon Jan 1869 An introduction to a series of linguistic-analytic articles by Rabbi A. L. Feinstein.
HaCarmel 10 October 1869 A well-known scholar reproaches Rabbi A. L. Feinstein for hiding behind an acronym.
Ivri Anokhi 5 Jan 1872 An article extolling the greatness of Brisk and its institutions.
Havatzelet 3 Sept 1875 Fundraising by Rabbi A. L. Feinstein
Hatzfira 15 Nov 1876 The dedication of a new hospital in Brisk.
Hatzfira 2 Jan 1878 A reporter visiting Brest describes the sad sight of the cemetery -- open to desecration due to lack of a fence.
Hatzfira 13 May 1879 The reporter praises Rabbi A. L. Feinstein for his contributions to the community, specifically for fencing the cemetery.
Hamelitz 5 Mar 1883 Describes an account in a German newspaper, in Yiddish, of the synagogue in Old Brest.
Hatzfira 27 Mar 1883 Rabbi A. L. Feinstein's critical response to the article in Hamelitz 5 Mar 1883.
Hatzfira 2 May 1886 Praises Rabbi A. L. Feinstein for his contributions to the community and for his book of Brisk history, Ir Tehila.
Hamelitz 23 Oct 1888 Lists the synagogues and batei midrash of Brisk in connection with fund-raising.
Hamelitz 29 Jan 1888 A brief note about a society established to publish out-of-print Hebrew books and unpublished manuscripts.
Hamelitz 1 Aug 1888 A Religious Quarrel in nearby Domatshevo before a Brisk Court
Hamelitz 13 Aug 1888 Praise of a school for Jewish girls in Brisk.
Hamelitz 20 Jan 1888 The Cold Winter hits the Poor; A Disastrous Explosion
Hamelitz 3 Oct 1888 Briskers Protest Disrespect of Sponsor by Israeli Settlers
Hamelitz 5 Mar 1888 Economic Distress in Brisk
Hamelitz 19 Feb 1889 Economic Difficulties, Spiritual Need, Emigration
Hatzfira 6 Dec 1889 Rabbi Feinstein's Vast Scholarship
Hatzfira 15 Jan 1891 Rabbi A. L. Feinstein at Age 70
Hatzfira 27 May 1895 Collection of donations for the victims of fire
Hamelitz 11 Oct 1898 Rabbi A. L. Feinstein's Civic Contributions

Translations and scholarship: Hannah Kadmon

Thanks to the Historical Jewish Press for providing access to many old publications.

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