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We have only a few personal glimpses of Jewish life in the Brest region during the 19th and early 20th century. This diary of Rabbi Baruch Meir Rozenblum is one of these, covering the period 1876 - 1935.

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Rabbi Baruch Meir Rozenblum

Rabbi Baruch Meir Rozenblum recorded his entire life in his accounts-diary:
... all that happened to me is written in the book, a month after month [record], together with my commercial matters.
This material contains excerpts of his diary concerning life in Brest and in the region. The diary gives us a glimpse into events such as the pogroms of 1881-1882 and local events such as the fires in Brisk. It also describes in detail the last day of Rabbi Shalom Menashe of Brisk, Baruch Meir's father.


The Diary was contributed by Dina Jaeger, who also was generous with her guidance and added commentary. Translations and scholarship: Hannah Kadmon.

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Notes: Dina Jaeger is great granddaughter of Baruch-Meir Rozenblum on her father’s side. Her father was Shlomo Lebenglick [later Hebrew-ized to Me'ushar], son of Shimon Lebenglick who married Lea Michlia, eldest daughter of Baruch Meir Rozenblum. Translation: In the original text, each name of a person is followed by a ritualized suffix, may he (or she) live. There are not reproduced here, and other ceremonial words have been reduced or eliminated.

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